Renovation  works

We perform both apartment and home renovations, as well as office/commercial space renovations.

how we work

At the initial stage, we agree with the customer on the work to be performed and the period, then an estimate is prepared, which describes in detail the amount of work to be performed, the amount of labor and materials. Together with the customer, we discuss the assessment in detail and then start the repair work.

It is carried out by the project manager, constant control during the renovation works, to ensure high quality.

In order to satisfy the customer, the project manager also helps the customer to select quality materials (such as tile-metal, laminate, etc.), which guarantees the efficiency of the final result.

Quality and guarantees


To obtain the maximum quality, constant supervision of a competent project manager is required during the repair work process.

Also, high quality of construction materials is necessary, which greatly affects the final result. For this purpose, we use well-known and high-quality brands, such as: Knauf gypsum-cardboard tile, Heidelberg cement, Kebuli piping, etc.

By combining a competent project manager, quality materials and skilled craftsmen, we create high quality.


Before starting the repair work, a contract is drawn up, where the duration of the work, the work to be performed and the prices of the work to be performed are detailed.

The amount of tax agreed with us does not increase during the repair process.

Payment of money

The amount is paid in stages, based on the contract (by bank transfer). 20% of the total cost of repair work is paid by the customer no later than the 2nd day after the start of the work, and each subsequent payment (in the amount of 20%) is made after the completion of certain works.


100% of the total cost must be paid by the customer 10 days prior to the full completion of the repair work.

We perform the following types of repair work:

√ dismantling works;

√ Building: brick; with a block;

√ insulation works;

√ electrical wiring and ventilation;

√ water supply (plumbing);

√ Heating & cooling;

√ Lesva: with sand, sand & cement, Rotband;

√ Stretched floor (стяжка): self-aligning, standard;

√ Painting works: plastering, painting, wallpapering;

√ tile-metal works;

√ fastening of metal, MDF, plastic and wooden plinth;

√ installation of laminate and parquet;

√ Cyclovka;

√ Spray works;

√ Installation works of plasterboard tiles: ceilings, partitions;

√ French stretch ceiling installation; (Barisol)

√ Armstrong ceiling installation;

√ installation of metal, MDF and wooden doors;

√ Painting of metal products;

√ Arrangement of stained glass windows;

√ metal-plastic installation works;

√ removal of construction waste;

√ Sorting, cleaning.

1. Electrical works

Carrying out electrical maintenance work in a residential area, with all safety precautions, is one of the important issues. The correctly calculated capacities of the company's highly qualified craftsmen, the installation process and other factors, are the guarantee of a high safety/quality result.

2. Heating & cooling

Be competent in what heating system you install.

Today, many types of heating systems have appeared in the world, including in Georgia.

A correctly selected heating system and its correct installation will reduce your utility bill, as well as increase its service life and safety.

3. Laminate installation

A necessary condition for the installation of laminate is the flatness of the surface and the conformity of the coating to be placed below it. A seemingly simple job like installing laminate flooring can become a big problem if the handyman is not sufficiently experienced and knowledgeable in the prerequisites required for installation.