One of the main services of "Idream" is the creation and planning of interior/exterior design, both for residential flats/houses, as well as for office and commercial spaces.

We understand how important it is to create a design and plan for your space.

Our designers will help you to solve such basic issues as:

1. Arranging a small space.

2. Redistribution of partitions so that the space is utilized and practical as much as possible.

3. Creating the desired environment by combining colors and lighting, such as: cozy, warm, fun, comfortable and others.

4. Where and how to use a mirror to increase the perception and practicality of space.

5. How to organize a child's room to be as safe as possible and adapted to the child's needs.

6. When and where to include interior decorative plants and items.

7. Where and how to use light and dark colors to create the desired environment.

 With our help, you will see everything you want in advance and your space will be exactly as you really wanted.